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Why you should start following Villarreal now

As super clubs betray football, here’s a new club for you to root for.

Levante UD v Villarreal CF - La Liga Santander Photo by Alex Caparros/Getty Images

As news of a European Super League rampages across the internet, a lot of fans are feeling alienated from the clubs they’ve followed for a long time. If that’s you, you might find yourself looking for a new club to support. Here are a few reasons why you should start supporting Villarreal:

Star Power

Gerard Moreno, Riquelme, Santi Cazorla, Manuel Pellegrini, Diego Forlan, Unai Emery, Dani Parejo, Pau Torres, Senna, Paco Alcacer, Bruno, our club has a healthy history of stars both in the manager’s box and on the pitch who have made or are making their mark on the beautiful game.

It’s very rare that a club from as small an area as Villarreal can boast this level of historic talent.

Club values

Villarreal has worked to expand its international brand, but it doesn’t do that through Super Leagues and ad campaigns. Villarreal has built football academies all over the world that improve the sport in the areas they exist. For me, personally, one exists in the state I live in here in the US. These academies are focused on people first, and Villarreal as the parent club sends coaches, sports psychologists, and other resources to help build young footballers into successful people, on the pitch and off.

A club on the rise

Villarreal is in the Europa League semi-finals with a manager who has won the competition three times. We have an owner who is dedicated to building the club the right way, through shrewd and responsible decisions that keep the club stable and growing. Villarreal is everything a football club should be.

Talk to us in the comments.

We have a great group of regular commenters in our discussion threads and I look forward to hearing why THEY root for Villarreal. Endavant!