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New Villarreal signing Ben Brereton Diaz makes ‘step up’ claim and addresses language barrier

Villarreal’s new Chilean marksman described this new opportunity on the east of Spain as ‘one he just couldn’t turn down’

Ben Brereton Díaz has been officially presented by his new club this afternoon, and the Anglo-Chilean ace was quick to express his excitement and gratitude upon his arrival.

With his first words as a Villarreal player, Ben thanked the club and the fans for the warm welcome that he has recieved: “It’s my fourth day at the club and I feel at home. The fans have given me a lot of love on social media. I’m really looking forward to getting started. It’s a big step in my career. It’s a great achievement for me to play for such a big club like this”.

One of Ben’s biggest assets that will bolster Villarreal’s offensive capacity this season is his versatility. He added: “I’ve spoken to the manager and I want to play wherever I think I can help the most. I can play on both wings or in the centre. I did that at Blackburn and I can do it here as well”.

Conducting the presentation in his native English, Ben has outlined his appreciation for this opportunity in the context of his acquisition of the Spanish language: “My mother is Chilean. She came to England as a child. She didn’t speak much English. And since Chile called me to represent them, I didn’t think about it. It’s been easy. Coming here is going to help me because of the cultural link between Chile and Spain. I’m learning Spanish and I’m very happy to be able to do it.”

Fernando Roig, Villarreal CEO, led the presentation, and he has also conveyed contentment with the arrival of his new signing: “We are happy with his signing. He is a player who has scored a lot of goals in the Championship. He is a versatile player that we have been following for a long time. We are happy that he is playing for Villarreal and we hope he will have a very successful spell at the club.”