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The ultimate verdicts on Villarreal’s new kits as Joma split opinion again

We give our thoughts on the new kits...

The new kits have been released
Villarreal CF

The new Villarreal kits have been released ahead of next season, with Joma once again splitting opinion.

Aside from the centenary kit, Joma have largely caused frustration among fans over recent seasons, and this season’s kits have divided opinion once again.

With that in mind, we have got the Villarreal USA team together to get an overall verdict on each of the designs.

Join us below to see what we think...

The home kit

The new home kit
Villarreal CF

Jamie: “It’s more of the same, but that collar is awful. I quite liked last season’s home kit, but this is poor. Either have a V-neck or a roundkneck. I don’t want to see a round neck with a weird V like that.”

Robin: “Good to see the yellow back. In all seriousness fairly nice kit but wouldn’t be slashing g out. Definitely get why the fans grumble about tge plastic logo abd numbers fading. I love our all yellow but wouldn’t mind a bigger stretch of imagination with the blue.”

Louis: “Neither an upgrade, nor a downgrade to last season’s home kit, but I think I speak for the entire fanbase when I say we were hoping for something in the same direction as the centenary kit. The pattern within the iconic yellow is nice, but standard nowadays, and the dark blue furnishes around the collar and arms don’t add anything at all… if anything, they hinder the overall aesthetic of the shirt.”

Zach: “Honestly, it’s just standard fare at this point. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the traditional solid color, but the design of the trim isn’t creative enough to create but so much excitement for those who already have a closet full of yellow shirts.”

Rahul: “Villarreal’s home kits never really change too much, but this year’s edition has extra blue on the collars and sleeves, and the collar designs are a bit bland. After the success of the centenary kit, it’s a shame that the main kit couldn’t have included a bit more creativity.”

Raul: “Uninspired coming from the Centenari shirt which is a pretty good one. The blue is there but it’s like going nowhere. The shirt is quite plain. I get it that it’s not easy to be creative or innovative with a single color, but I feel they haven’t tried enough.”

Allan: “The home kit has nothing positive to set it apart from other recent home shirts.”

Away kit

The new away kit
Villarreal CF

Jamie: “The collar kills this one a little, for me. I quite like the red away kits, although this one is not as nice as the one from two seasons ago. The yellow is a nice touch, but again, I’m not sure what Joma are thinking the collar. It’s a bit cheap looking with the two yellow lines.”

Robin: “I know others like the red but I have never liked it. Red and Gold just gives me Liverpool and United rather than Spanish national. I am more keen on blue for away. Always felting suited our history a d the blue link to Villarreal.”

Louis: “A red kit is something we’ve become accustomed to in recent years, and for a kit that will only be used twice at minimum by the outfield players this season, it’s not too bad at all. However with that being said, the collar ruins the shirt as a whole, with the two yellow lines looking awfully out of place. Joma’s efforts with Getafe’s red away kit, and even Swansea’s away kit, put ours to shame.”

Zach: “I am apparently in the minority here but I really like the away kit, collar included. I think the yellow accents are a reminder that Villarreal are the _yellow_ submarine at the end of the day, and I think it is far and away the best looking shirt they have this season.”

Rahul: “Alternate Villarreal Shirts are seldom seen, but red kits are becoming more frequent for the Yellow Submarine. Although the middle section is a smart, slightly darker shade of red than has been used before, the sleeves being of a different tone of red, as well as the collars again lacking the sleek style seen in previous kits, gives this one a bit of a tacky look.”

Raul: “Red again. Tried to be a bit creative with it. Like the collar, but don’t feel too interested on the two shades of red. Not bad, not great either. Just as an aside, blue is another color associated with Villarreal just in case they feel about changing the red for future seasons.”

Allan: “This away kit is ruined by that bizarre collar.”

Third kit

The new third kit
Villarreal CF

Jamie: “I think these third kits are just designed for the goalkeepers these days, given they are the only players to wear them. This is just an ugly kit which, again, has a rubbish and cheap-looking collar. I’m not sure where they were even going with it.”

Robin: “We never wear them anyway but grey is a bit bland. Understand players hate playing in black. The pink is a nice touch. Would love if we went back to Puma if we ever get the chance but Understand the joma connection to Spain. Be a nice tribute to our previous champions league glory.”

Louis: “Boasting another colour scheme that we’ve seen before, the grey-and-purple third strip is also ruined by a poorly designed collar, with a random pink line dropping from the centre. The goalkeeping union will probably only be utilising this kit next season, and I doubt even they would be pleased with it.”

Zach: “Something about this just screams training kit to me. In terms of gray Villarreal shirts, give me this past season’s away shirt over this thing any day of the week. As others have mentioned, Joma has shown with other clients that they are capable of creative and innovative work and I’m disappointed that, overall, we did not see that this season.”

Rahul: “There have been worse grey and pink kits in the past, but this one is unlikely to fly off the shelves. It is doubtful that the outfield players will ever use this one, and many may be glad that is the case.”

Raul: “Do you know that feeling of awestruck when seeing a new kit unveiled and you know you love it and you want to buy it? This is the whole opposite.”

Allan: “This third third is a hodgepodge that doesn’t really impress.”