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Villarreal release new home kit as Joma come up short again

Joma have disappointed over recent years

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Villarreal CF

Villarreal have confirmed their new home kit ahead of next season.

The Yellows have come in for plenty of criticism over recent years from fans over the designs and quality of their shirts. Of course, it is Joma who are responsible for the design and manufacturing, and the agreement between the two has plenty of time to run just yet.

Naturally, there’s not an awful lot Joma can do based on the fact 95% of the kit must be yellow, with Villarreal moving away from having large amounts of blue some time ago.

But fans have been left unhappy with recent designs, as well as the quality, with many posting images of the badge and other parts of the kit falling off in the wash despite costing 60 euros or more, with sales rarely encompassing the official Jomawear.

Anyway, next season’s home kit features a navy trim around a circular neck, but it has a pretty bizarre triangle under the collar, seemingly triying to imitate a V-neck.

There is also a pretty strange cut on the arm, which sees half of the very end of the sleeve hang over a little. Other than that, it’s pretty much all yellow, with a slightly darker yellow creating a wave pattern through the main part of the shirt.

This one has much more of a training shirt feel to it, but sales are not likely to come anywhere near the retro-designed shirt Joma and the club released to mark the 100-year anniversary of Villarreal.

That shirt had much more blue involved, and given the level of sales achieved for that kit, there is surely a lesson to be learned in relation to how much blue the Yellow Submarine allow on their kits going forward.

The new kit
Villarreal CF