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Villarreal face tough six-game run-in amid battle for survival

The women’s team face a tough run-in

Villarreal Cf V Alaves Gloriosas - La Liga F
Sheila has stood out for the women’s team
Photo By Ivan Terron/Europa Press via Getty Images

Six finals, that’s what Villarreal Femenino will have for the remainder of the season if they want to prolong their top flight stay.

Right now, they are sitting at the 13th position with 20 points, three more than Alhama (14th) and Sporting Huelva (15th). Considering that two teams are going to be relegated, the ones 15th and 16th in the standings, we are talking about a major problem for the groguetes.

Villarreal have won five games, drawn another five and lost fourteen times. Their numbers are not good, and they are winless this month, having last won against Alhama on March 12th. Their schedule for the remaining season is as follows

April 15th: An away game against Levante. They are playing the current 3rd place, so don’t expect a positive result

April 23rd: An away game against Real Madrid. This time against 2nd, so don’t expect anything good either.

April 30th: At home against Real Sociedad. The 9th place team, perhaps there is a draw to be had.

May 7th: Away at Sporting Huelva. This team beat Villarreal at home, so we should be extra aware of them. It’s important to beat them, as right now they are bottom.

May 14th: At home against Atlético Madrid. While they are the 4th place team, Villarreal drew against them at home. It will be difficult to repeat that away.

May 21st: Away at Athletic Club. Right now the 10th placed team. You could make a case here for getting some points.

As you can see, the schedule is a hard one, with teams battling the same battles, with some top teams also, but this team has shown they can be tough as nails, and be ready to take on any one of them, even though their odds against some teams like Levante or Real Madrid are pretty slim.

Part of the reason for that is that the top scorer of the team is Sheila with 11 goals, but after her, the next best one has only 4 at her name, the veteran Belén Martínez. So we lack a second good scorer, which puts more pressure not only on Sheila, but also on her fitness.

Meanwhile, at the back, Villarreal are conceding too many goals, currently the 2nd worst defence in the league.