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Villarreal USA to end website coverage as funding concludes

A Villarreal USA announcement

Villarreal USA has some bad news

It’s a sad day for Villarreal USA. After around a decade, we will no longer have website coverage from the start of 2024.

With the help of so many, Villarreal USA has covered the Yellow Submarine in English for many years, including so many highs, such as the Europa League title and Champions League semi-final, and indeed the lows, including relegation, and this season.

But it was confirmed recently that our funding will be cut by SB Nation, and they have decided to withhold the existing domain name.

With this, the team have decided the best course of action will be to cover the team on Twitter only for the time being. We feel it’s not quite the right time to invest in a whole new website and to start again, but we certainly aren’t ruling out taking that path in the future, so please stick with us as we find our way forward.

We thank all of our viewers for their support over the years, and, of course, we wish you a wonderful Christmas and New Year. We hope 2024 holds better things for our beloved Yellows.

A word from the editor, Jamie Kemble: “It’s a sad day for Villarreal USA. I’ve been the editor of the site for around 18 months, and we have managed consistent year-on-year growth during that time. Ultimately, it hasn’t been enough, and we have to accept that decision. We’re hoping that, at some point down the line, we can get into a position to start a new website, and that will be the aim, but it will take some time. For now, I’d like to thank all of our loyal readers, and I’d also like to thank everyone who has contributed to the website through the years, including Allen who kicked all this off, mainstays Zach and Robin, writers Rahul, Raul, Louis, and anyone else I may have missed. Beyond that, stay in touch with VUSA’s twitter account and have a wonderful festive period. See you at La Ceramica!”

Robin Stacey, British Writer: “Very sad times, I have been writing for this blog for 10 years. Villarreal USA is a massive part of the community of Villarreal so thank you all!. It’s amazing to debate with people from around the world via comments and podcasts. A shout out to my mentor Robin Julian Harris, the original British Villarreal Robin. Highlight being at Anfield for the Semi Final with Allen somehow picking me out 54,074 people. Been a amazing to work with everyone on the VUSA team over the years. Gracias and Endavant Villarreal!”

Allen Dodson, one of the old-timers on this site, say: “Thanks to Maddi, who really kicked this off back around 2008 with a WordPress blog, Sidarth who was the second member of the team when I joined and suggested we contact SBNation. We had a great run, like the team, had some ups and downs, but some real highlights too. It’s been a pleasure working with everyone here, and getting to know Lucy, Thomas, and folks at Villarreal itself, throughout the last 13 years or so. Thanks to all of you who have commented, debated, celebrated throughout the years with us. I’ll miss this site a lot.”