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Gerard Moreno issues verdict on Marcelino’s Villarreal return and admits players must take responsibility

Gerard and Marce have been reunited years after their Segunda triumph

Gerard has issued some honest comments
Villarreal CF

Gerard Moreno has been discussing the return of Marcelino to Villarreal after the appointment was confirmed earlier this week.

Gerard worked with Marcelino during his young days at Villarreal, achieving promotion to the top tier with the Asturian, so he, like some others in the team, will know what to expect.

Speaking about the first two days after being reunited, Gerard said in a press conference on Wednesday: “(It has been) Very good. He is a coach we all know. I think he brings enthusiasm to everyone. The people are excited and the players must work, as we have been doing since yesterday, with his entire coaching staff and with the desire to turn the situation around and move forward with him”.

Marce is back in his office at Villarreal
Villarreal CF

Speaking about his memories with Marce, Gerard added: “He was the one with whom I made my debut in the first division. Whenever we have coincided there has never been a problem. We are all going in the same direction and we want everything to go well and work, which is what he transmits to us. The reunion has been very good.”

Asked what Marcelino can give a struggling Villarreal side, Gerard continued: “He can give us a lot.He has a very defined style.We all know him.We are looking to improve in all facets of the game because we have a lot of room for improvement.We must work to pick up his concepts and ideas as soon as possible.”

The Yellows are stuck in the bottom half of the table and now on their second manager of the season. That begs the question over whether the players should take responsibility for the coachs who have come and gone.

“It’s true. We have the maximum responsibility,” Gerard admitted. “We have already changed coaches twice. We have responsibility, but we also want to change the situation. We are already working and we are sure that we will go up. I’m calm in that sense because we all want the same thing, and that’s the main thing.”