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BREAKING NEWS: Paco Alcacer’s contract with Villarreal has been terminated

The striker’s saga at the club is officially over.

FC Barcelona v Villarreal CF - La Liga Santander Photo by Eric Alonso/Getty Images

If you told me a week ago that in the next seven days we’d have three different articles with the phrase ‘breaking news’ at the header that all had to do with Paco Alcacer I would have been very, very confused, and yet here we are.

Earlier today, Al Sharjah in the UAE unilaterally cancelled Paco’s loan to that club and now he has reached an agreement with Villarreal to cancel the two remaining years of his deal. I am sure we will find out the answers to the huge WHY questions in the coming days but for now we can only speculate. Did the striker decide he did not want to live that far from home thus ending his deal in UAE? Did he realize his only chance of getting a deal in European football was by taking significantly less money? Was the canceled loan simply a way for him to move to the UAE permanently?

We are not sure, but the cancellation of his contract should put Villarreal’s move for Edison Cavani back on track. Given the depth at all positions this season, it appears as though the club is prepared to make a strong push in multiple competitions, with the dream scenario being a top four place and one of the two cup trophies finding their way to the club.

Paco Alcacer’s time in Villarreal has been, obviously, very controversial. When he was healthy, he put up respectable numbers for a striker, but a combination of a bad health record, not fitting at all with Unai Emery’s tactical philosophy, and not contributing enough when he did not have the ball ultimately meant that as a club record signing he was extremely disappointing.

In the right system, Paco’s finishing ability makes him an extremely exciting player to watch. I for one hope he lands at a lower table Spanish side where he can play on the counter attack so that we can see him at his best once again. Good luck, Paco.

UPDATE: We can’t even keep up with the developments of this story. Paco apparently immediately signed for Sharjah upon termination of his Villarreal contract: