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VUSA Pod #93: Allen and Sid Love Villarreal But Hate Modern Football

Transfers, salaries, made-up rumors, can’t we just enjoy the game?

Villarreal v Liverpool Semi Final Leg Two - UEFA Champions League
Farewell, Purvis. You played well against the best.
Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images

Sidarth and I got together last night and recorded this, and it probably would have been a lot longer had we recorded it today. (We actually managed to keep it pretty short, by our standards!!). Not just Sr. Roig Negueroles pretty much going off on Sadiq and Almeria today for trying to inflate the market for a player; not just Barcelona making an unwanted offer to pry Juan Foyth away from us; not just Villarreal, in the Champions League last season, selling Pervis Estupiñan on to (checks notes) Brighton, who finished ninth and out of Europe last year. No, it’s that we will play three match in La Liga, and two in the Europa Conference League, while our roster is still in a massive state of flux.

Dia, Paco, Estupiñan—to name those who have gone or will go but were available for our first match (theoretically). Gio Lo Celso, who flew over from Tottenham to join us again and is training with the first team; and another striker, Edinson Cavani or ????, who presumably will sign and try and develop an understanding with Gerard Moreno in a couple of practice sessions before trying to accomplish it in a match that matters. We have a match against Atleti this weekend that with some hyperbole can be billed as a top-of-the-table match, but have I seen any Villarreal fans talking about THAT on Twitter? No!

It’s all about transfers, who might leave, who might stay. Okay, we’ll talk about that then (and we did) but we wish we could get back to just enjoying the matches. There was plenty to enjoy last week. Endavant Villarreal.