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La Liga Matchday 38 Odds and Predictions

Once more unto the breach for the Spanish top flight.

Rayo Vallecano v Villarreal CF - La Liga Santander Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images

Alright folks, here we go, the last matchday predictions of 2021-2022 season. We went 4/10 last week and really are hoping to end this season on a good note.

Matchday 38


If we want to go to Europe next season then we really need to show up and do work in this last match. Barcelona is heavily favored and with good reason. Traveling to the Camp Nou is going to be extremely tough. The other match to keep a very close eye on is Sevilla versus Athletic Club. If Athletic Club wins and and we do not, we miss out on Europe entirely. If we win, or match whatever result the Basque club gets, we play in the Europa Conference League, guaranteed.

It’s a very stressful way to end the year, and given the talent on our roster there’s absolutely no reason for it. I love Unai Emery and will happily defend his record here and elsewhere to a great extent but we have to show improvement in league form next season (which, ya know, a new goalkeeper would help).

Cadiz, Mallorca, and Granada will all be sweating this weekend to a much much higher degree. All three are favored to win their matches but I would say Cadiz probably has the easiest lot of the three this weekend, which is fun because they also need three points worse than anyone else. As Villarreal fans we know first hand what it’s like to experience relegation and I feel for the fans of whatever clubs don’t make it to survival, but it will be compelling viewing no matter what.

It’s been a really interesting season predicting La Liga matches, I hope you all enjoyed it. We’ll tweak some things and come back next year! Endavant Villarreal.