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La Liga Matchday 31 Odds and Predictions

Who are the favorites this week in Spain’s top division?

Villarreal CF v Bayern München Quarter Final Leg One - UEFA Champions League Photo by Chris Brunskill/Fantasista/Getty Images

We went 5/10 last week in our predictions which I guess isn’t too bad since the algorithm thought the majority of the away sides were going to win. We head into another week where Villarreal desperately needs a win, because it just isn’t a season run in without a little stress for the yellow sub, is it?

Matchday 31


Understandably, given recent performances, we are not favored against Athletic Club. Getting more than a draw against that side will be a very legitimate chore. They do not score much nor do they ship many goals, and we’ll be on an emotional comedown from a massive win against Bayern Munich. Real Madrid is also not favored to win, and considering how incredibly they were helped by officiating in their last match, that’s not surprising. Atletico Madrid and Barcelona are both heavy favorites, so Levante’s good day against us doesn’t impress the algorithm enough for them to keep things rolling against Xavi’s side.

In surprising predictions, Rayo are given the nod against Valencia, and Cadiz are heavily favored against Real Betis. Both of those strike me as odd. If Rayo, Cadiz, and Getafe are all winners we got wrong I won’t be surprised come next week. In our uphill climb to get into Europe next season, that Betis match and also Elche vs Real Sociedad are ones to watch, but I don’t think we are going to get any favors this week. Go ahead and start preparing yourself to cheer on Betis to win the Copa Del Rey and make 7th a European place. Of course, if Villarreal lose this week, we won’t even be secure in that.