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VUSA joining a livestream April 19, raising funds for Ukraine relief

Villarreal USA—some of us, anyhow—will be part of a livestream that’s happening either tomorrow or today, depending on when you’re reading this—as part of the “Spanish Football content creators UNITED for Ukraine.” It’s a livestream on Twitch and YouTube, and donations raised during the event will go to a UK charity working with Ukrainian victims of war.

Our time slot is from 12 to 1AM on April 20 if you’re in the UK, 1-2AM Central European time; a bit more approachable if you’re in the US, as it runs from 7-8PM Eastern (prime time!!) and 4-5PM Pacific on April 19th.

I am planning to be there, Sid is, I believe Zach is, we may even get Rahul joining us from London. Plus, we have invited Jen Morgan to join us. She’s a Liverpool fan in Florida who is part of a podcast devoted to the EPL, so we should have a fun time discussing the upcoming Champions League semifinal matches.

If you want to join us via YouTube, the livestream will be here:

I am pretty sure there is a chat function so you can come on and ask us questions, etc.

I also wanted to point out that before us, Alexandra Jonson will be on. I’m sure she’ll discuss her beloved Celta, and she is one of the finest young journalists covering La Liga in English and has a lot of insights. And though it doesn’t show on the image, the Sevilla podcast Monchi’s Men will be a couple of hours after us. They are fine folks. And if you look at the list you’ll see plenty of others including our friends at La Liga Lowdown. We’re in distinguished company!!