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Villarreal power rankings update as Unai Emery’s men pick up form

The Yellow Submarine are in fine form heading into the back-end of the season

Villarreal CF v RC Celta de Vigo - La Liga Santander
Danjuma has been one of the stand-out men this season
Photo by Aitor Alcalde Colomer/Getty Images

It’s been a little while since we last took a look at which players have given the most points to Villarreal based on the goals scored. With 28 jornadas played, we are starting to see some interesting results.

Both Arnaut Danjuma and Gerard Moreno are tied on goals, but if we look at their points contributed, Danjuma is leading by 2.29. Why that difference? There is a simple answer.

The reason is how their goals affected the scoreline. Danjuma has scored three goals to putt Villarreal ahead by a one-goal margin, four putting us ahead by a two-goal margin, as well as one equalising goal.

Gerard, on the other hand, has netted two equalising goals, two goals putting us ahead by one, one putting us ahead by two, two putting us ahead by three and one putting us ahead by five.

If you follow this train of thought, you will notice Danjuma’s goal has a higher value.

The main reasoning behind this is simple, The one-goal margin is more valuable than the two-goal and so on. At the same time, while tying the game is valuable, it’s a bit less valuable than the one-goal margin.

The four goals by Yeremy has put him at the second position among Villarreal players, with Trigueros closing the top three. As a note, the own-goal received has more value than the two goals by Samu.

Looking at this picture, we could get another reason for that if we look at the %Bal, which is the value of the defense, or how good are you at keeping the scoreline in your favor.

At 10.7%, Villarreal show they are adept at keeping it in their favor without being too overtly defensive. This is a sign of Emery’s reign, as his team tend to be good at keeping the scoreboard more in control than other teams.

Another interesting data is the Pts/goal we see in the standings. With Villarreal having a 0.65, we get the idea that each goal scored is worth 0.65, so any player with a Gval above it, is carrying the team with their goals.

Looking back at the Villarreal players, we see the top three are above it, showcasing a good health on that front.

If we look at the overall picture, we see four players above 10.00, which is the value used to determine a productive season in points.

Benzema is having a good scoring season, on average with Madrid results, while Vinicius is showing to be an important player on the scoring front.

Espanyol and Raul De Tomás have been synonymous for some time, and it showcases in the ranking.

Former Villarreal player, Enes Ünal gets above 10.00, which shows how important he is for Getafe.

Unfortunately, no Villarreal player is at the top 10 in the league, though, who knows if Danjuma will break into it between now and the end of the season.