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Big news for Villarreal Women

The deducted six points have returned home

Rayo Vallecano V Villarreal - Primera Division Femenina Photo By Oscar J. Barroso/Europa Press via Getty Images

The great news for Villarreal have started. First, they won against Sevilla 0-3 with goals of Tere Morató and Sheila Guijarro. Match was broadcasted live by Villarreal TV. Villarreal was dominating Sevilla without the luck of the goal. Set pieces showed to be crucial as the goals came from them. First from a foul that Lara Mata crossed and found Tere to put it in. From there, Sevilla decided to try to make a comeback and from there, managed to earn a penalty kick via handball from Lara. Luckily, they hit the crossbar. Few minutes later, from another set piece, it was the turn for Sheila Guijarro to score the goal. And a few minutes later, from another set piece, Tere Morató sealed her brace. First three points of the week.

Next stop was at home against Rayo. For the second time (as far as I’m aware), they played a home match in Field 9 instead of the Mini Estadi, so it was open to the general public instead of only the season ticket holders, so I decide to go there and watch it live.

Rayo started showing they were here to compete at a high level, and 7 minutes in scored a goal that was disallowed for offside. Not sure about it, but I’m not going to judge the ref. Their most dangerous player, in my honest opinion, got another chance with a ball going out near the post. Villarreal started, as minutes went by, to feel more comfortable and dominate the possession without any clear chance. And thus, we arrive at half time with 0-0.

The second half was another story. The Groguetes started to get closer to the goal, and Rayo’s keeper had to showcase her skill. Belén had two good chances, but it seemed like that day when the ball doesn’t want to go in. Pancha Lara was running non-stop the sideline trying to get dangerous balls, and from some corners managed to incomodate the rival. But the goal had to wait. After a play where Villarreal got a thrown-in, tried to put a cross, but lost it, recovered the ball, Cienfu opened to Estefa on the right side, she pass it to Nerea who made a cross at first-touch. The ball went to the crossbar (I’d say the keeper touched it), Vera Rico who had just been subbed in shot missing hitting the post and Sheila came in and put it inside. 1-0 and the three points for the team. Next match is against UD Granadilla on Sunday

But the big news came from the TAD (Tribunal Administrativo del Deporte/Sports Administrative Court) where Villarreal had gotten their case against the deduction of six points. The judge have given them the reason and reinstated the six points, so now Villarreal is 11th with 23 points, and are 7 points ahead of relegation! (waiting for the webpage to update the standings)