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VUSA Pod #96: Welcome, Quique Setien!

Our roundtable (Allen, Robin, Rahul, Julian) is pretty upbeat about all the happenings over the past week

Villarreal flag
Villarreal flag

Whoof. A last minute goal to defeat Almeria in a match where at least the club brass knew we’d be searching for a new coach afterward. It was pretty evident Unai Emery would be moving on after this season, but the timing of his departure now was poor, with three league matches before the World Cup break. Sr. Roig ruefully admitted as much.

And so, Quique Setien, a coach much admired at Betis, seems like a good fit for us. Allen, Julian, Robin and Rahul are all willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, as you’ll hear, and are pretty optimistic in the short term.

Apologies for no podcasts in awhile, but I was walking the Camino de Santiago; they’ll be more frequent now.