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Luis Rubiales continues to damage Spanish football after disrespectful Villarreal comment

Rubiales is at it again...

2030 FIFA World Cup Bid Press Conference
Photo by Kristian Skeie - UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images

“For me in this order: Villarreal, Sevilla and Valencia” Words that Rubiales decided to send on a private conversation with his father through the messaging app Whatsapp.

This quote while I have reprinted it here without context, comes from private messages they interchanged about the teams that they like the least from Spain.

We can have a long debate about the comments made in the public sphere and those in the private sphere. But I want to put the focus on the person who is emitting them: Luis Rubiales.

We are not talking here about despective comments made by the plumber from the 5th Avenue, Rubiales is none other than the president of the Spanish Football Federation, or as we call it, the RFEF.

That position he holds is to defend the interests of Spanish football, where all teams are part of the intangible cultural and sporting heritage of not only the country, but the provinces and cities from where they hail of.

In this case, Rubiales has made an error, one of many that are marring his time at the post. Not only has he referred to Sevilla as palanganas (washbowls) which is only a despective nickname of the team, he has also made the pun between Atlético de Madrid name and the Spanish word patético (pathetic).

But this conversation comes after the investigation done to the awarding of the Supercopa to Saudi Arabia, where Gerard Piqué and Rubiales got 24 million euros for sealing the deal.

Adding to all this, is the luxury flat being paid for the president with the funds of the federation, the alleged spying on the president of the footballers union (AFE) or the alleged threatening the current Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez.

Each and every time he is in the news, it is for something not related to on-field matters but rather off it.

This may be minor compared to the others, but Rubiales is damaging Spanish football with his actions and his words.

I know he won’t lose sleep over this, or that the stress of the investigation won’t make him lose hair - if you know what I mean - while FIFA won’t be looking towards the Spanish justice system to remove him from his post.

Thus, we have this person here, whose only option is to go away and resign from the Spanish federation. He is one who not only damages Spanish football, but who shows that all clubs deserve better. Villarreal deserves better. We deserve better.