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Villarreal Women have remade their roster ahead of top flight debut

14 renovations and 10 new signings round up the roster

Villarreal CF Femenino twitter

Villarreal Femenino has started their new season with a total of ten signings to accomodate for their debut at the first level. Let’s break down the team, first with the players remaining from last season

This line-up doesn’t account for players that were part of the dynamic even though their licence was of the B team like Marta Querol or Vera Rico. On the departures, you have Sanjuan, who was the keeper for the promotion to Segunda, defenders Palo, Paula Arce, Capdevila, midfielders as Coronel and Cristina Díaz, and the Mexican striker Rubí Soto.

The new signings would make the team depth look like this (assuming this season Sara Monforte will continue the use of the 4-3-3)

In chronological order (from the announcement), are

-Nerea Pérez, from Santa Teresa. She can play in the wing as a forward, or drop down more as a side midfielder

-Tere Morató, Andorran international player, she plays as a striker, but due to her mobility, offensive midfielder or winger could be another option for her to play. Signed from Rayo Vallecano

-Tajonar, Mexican international, and a keeper with a lot of experience in the league. Signed from DUX Logroño

-Raquel Pinel, another striker, in this case from Sevilla. She is kinda similar to Morató, but adding a vast experience in the league

-Zaira Flores, defensive midfielder from Rayo Vallecano. She can also play as center back

-Paola Soldevila, center back from Espanyol, she can play in any part of the defensive line

-Estefa, striker from Santa Teresa. Huge experience, specially in Primera. She can also play as an offensive midfielder having the vision to give the assist. A similar profile to Sheila

-Ainoa Campo, defensive midfielder from Deportivo, she can also play as a center back if the need arises

-Pancha Lara, Chilean international player, she is left-footed, offensive-oriented. She can play at the left-back or as a side midfielder

-Belén Martínez, another striker, and another player from Santa Teresa, with a lot of experience. In the last two seasons, she has scored 37 goals. She also is very mobile, which is the profile they have been looking in attackers

Their profiles are very similar. Versatile players to be used at different positions, midfielders as Ainoa and Zaira who can play both a defensive role as drop down to the center back position, and a bunch of strikers, five which is half of the signings, with a lot of mobility, and going for a mix of youth and trajectory. Paola Soldevila, Tere Morató or Ainoa Campo haven’t still arrived to their prime while Estefa or Belén Martínez are closer to retirement. Special mention goes to Tajonar, the oldest player signed at 36

With this roster, plus some players from the B team as Marta Querol (who was in the photos when unveiling the 21/22 kit) or Vera Rico, this is the road map towards the first match against Sporting Huelva

Villarreal CF Femenino twitter

So far, the first two test have been two wins. In Villafrance del Cid, in a friendly against local rivals Castellón, in order to promote the game in the north of Castellón, they won 4-1 with goals of Belén Martínez, a brace by Vera Rico and Raquel Pinel. This Wednesday, first friendly at home, the result was favorable in a 3-1 with goals of Tere Morató and a brace of Sheila. Next stop is this Saturday in Gandía against local GF Gandía