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Where Tottenham Hotspur can put their Pau Torres inquiry

Daniel Levy’s side aren’t good enough for the Spain defender.

Chelsea FC v Villarreal CF – UEFA Super Cup 2021 Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

The Times, a somewhat reliable source, say Tottenham want Pau Torres.

I’m protective of Pau, but not for the reasons you might think. I fully accept that one day he’s going to move on to a club that can offer him the chance to win league titles and European trophies every single year. He deserves it, and I want that for him even though I very much hope he plays in the Champions League with us this season.

So when Tottenham freakin Hotspur come sniffing around Pau, that irritates me. Frankly, they are beneath him. They’re a big brand that wins nothing despite having a giant budget and plenty of talent. They consistently underpay their start performers, and their chairman is a cheapskate that will screw his own club looking for a deal. They fired the best manager they ever had to bring in a Jose Mourinho, and then were in such a poor shape that they became the first club in 15 years to not even benefit from a short term Jose boost.

Tottenham are basically a less loveable version of Everton.

Daniel Levy is reportedly offering Villarreal LESS than the release clause for Pau Torres. There’s absolutely no reason for Villarreal to accept such an insulting offer, and there’s absolutely no reason for Pau to agitate for a move from his boyhood club that he loves for a team that doesn’t even think his current contract is worth its clause. It’s insulting that they would even bother asking about Pau before their Conference League campaign, frankly, they should try shopping for players in places that don’t have Champions League football on offer.

This transfer rumor is infuriatingly stupid.