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Gerard Moreno extends his contract with Villarreal

The two time Zarra winner will remain under contract until at least 2027!


GERARD MORENO 2027! Really, I just wanna type that over and over and over and make it the article.

There’s been a lot of buzz this week in La Liga as the second best forward in the league, Lionel Messi, has taken off to PSG because Barca is so broke they can’t afford accountants to tell them they are too broke to sign people, but the REAL story in La Liga is that two time Zarra trophy winner, Spain international, and Europa League champion Gerard Moreno has extended his contract at Villarreal until 2027.

Check out this video, man I love this club:

A 29 year old signing a six year extension essentially means that Gerard is with us for the duration of his career. If he gets to age 35, can still ball, and wants to continue I’m sure the club will have him back. By that point his lead as the all-time leading scorer in club history will be so substantial that it will be a long, long, long time before anyone breaks it.

Gerard’s value as a club servant, and as the goal-scoring face of the team that won Villarreal it’s first ever trophy, is something you really can’t accurately measure in just statistics. Football fans, far too often, talk about their club’s ‘talisman’, but rarely if ever does the player they refer to truly imbue the historic levels of drive and belief that Gerard does here.

For me, he’s already the greatest forward Villarreal have ever had, Pichichi awards and previous records don’t matter. Gerard IS this golden age of Villarreal. I can’t wait to watch him in yellow for a long time to come!