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Who will you be supporting in the Euros and Copa America?

A busy summer awaits several Villarreal stars.

Spanish National Soccer Team Press Conference Photo by Oscar J. Barroso / AFP7 / Europa Press News/Europa Press via Getty Images

As summer football tournaments rapidly approach their start dates (and controversy continues to boil over the location of the Copa America) we at Villarreal USA are going to try to keep you posted on Villarreal players in both the Euros and the Copa.

So far, what I know we’ll have is dedicated articles covering Spain’s Euro run fairly closely. We’ll have match previews and reviews for each time they play. We also have a couple of writers who will be rooting for England and Wales as the tournament goes on, and they’ve been given free reign to talk about their own national sides as well.

Fortunately for me, as an American, I just have the Nations League final on Sunday to worry about and then I’m good until July, when the Gold Cup kicks off. I haven’t decided yet whether I’ll make our readership go through the tedium of seeing articles they don’t want to read about the USMNT in their new feed. Lol

I know we have a lot of nations represented in our comment sections, so who are you rooting for this summer? What nations do you find yourself supporting, even if you aren’t from there?

For me it ends up being Spain and Wales every summer. Spain because of my love for Spanish football, and this particular summer to root for Gerard and Pau. Wales because my family heritage traces right to the edge of the English/Welsh border, and I just refuse to root for English football in any context... if I hear ‘it’s coming home’ one more time I might break something.

Villarreal is interesting for a club of its success level because its roster is so relatively homogenous. So many of our players are Spanish that we don’t end up with players strung far and wide all over the globe during the summer. We have Pau and Gerard with Spain and I know Foyth is playing with Argentina this summer, so we’ll follow him too. Samu has a match for Nigeria today and then two others this summer, but I think the are all friendlies and while he’s with the team he won’t be playing anyway... and that might just be it in terms of national team representation, unless I’m missing something.