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On The Spot Report: A Loss For Villarreal As Real Madrid Steal The Show 2-1

Villarreal switch of in the final half as the grasp for Europe football widens


What promised to be a strong victory for the Yellow submarine turned into a nightmare as Real Madrid earn 2 goals in the final 20 minutes placing Villarreal in 7th place to end La Liga

Emery set out a strong team which surprised many a Villarreal fan. Pino got the goal but it was Madrid’s veterans Benzema and Modric that won the day.

20 minutes in young Yermi Pino was played the ball by Mario Gaspar. With Dennis Bergkamp like finesse flicked the ball over the Madrid defenders and pokes the ball into the back of the net. Villarreal was the stronger side in the first half with several chances missed by Carlos Bacca.

In the second half of Madrid came into its own despite having to rely on its ageing veterans. VAR usually the best friend of Barcelona and Madrid seemed to be against them today as they were disallowed a goal in the 55th Minute

Villarreal held out well until the final 20 minutes. 87th Minute Karim Benzema found himself in space outside the Villarreal box. The Frenchmen turned on his heel and sent a curling cross into the top right-hand corner.

92 minute when most Villarreal fans had probably stopped caring. The ball unfortunately rebounded of Pedraza. Modric with a left-footed shot from the centre of the box into the top left-hand corner.

Despite not winning the match and finishing the season in 7th place. Villarreal prevented Real Madrid from when winning the league which is not a bad thing. Fans will now be looking forward to Europa League final on the 26th Vamos!