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Villarreal vs Getafe: La Liga Preview

Back in the league after a hard fought Europa League match.

ESP: Villarreal CF - Dinamo Zagreb. EUROPA Champions League, quarters-final, second leg. Photo by Omar Arnau / Magma / Pressinphoto / Icon Sport

Part of me knows that this match with Getafe is really important if we don’t wanna finish 7th. Another part of me wants to play as many kids and squad players as possible and rest absolutely everyone we can so that our first choice crew is as healthy and rested as possible for the Europa League second leg. I’m even more inclined to feel this way because our opponents this week, Getafe, are absolute butchers on the pitch. I guess we’ll have to see how Emery feels about it.

Our opponents

The last two times we’ve faced Getafe, we beat them 3-1. They also averaged 18.5 fouls in those matches. Getafe leads the league in yellow cards, with ten more than anyone else, and has the second most fouls, behind only Celta Vigo. They’ve also attempted the third most pressures of anyone in the league. They’ve had the fewest instances of anyone in La Liga of stringing together 10 or more passes in a single possession, averaging less than twice per match.

In short, they’re want to run around and after you, and if they don’t chase you, they wanna maul you to the turf. It’s the absolute last match I want anyone important playing in before the second leg.


I’ve completely mis-guessed Emery’s rotation strategy the last couple of weeks, and while it’s worked out for the Europa League (so far) it has been a bit of a nightmare in the league. Outside of Sergio Asenjo and Etienne Capoue, I have no earthly idea who will be on the pitch on Sunday.


We haven’t lost three La Liga matches in a row since last March, in a run of fixtures that ultimately cost Javi Calleja his job. I think Emery will get at least a draw here, though I’m worried he’ll do it at the expense of some of our regular starters. 2-2 final score.