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Villarreal Femenino are one match away from promotion!

Sara Monforte’s team has been excellent this season.

A date with history is what Villarreal will have going into the Campo 5 of Ciudad Deportiva Villarreal CF this coming Sunday at 12:00 local time when receiving CFF Cáceres

Our opponents

The first match this season against them was a convincing 0-5 win where CFF Cáceres played a 4-2-3-1 with the LB for their international player for Ecuador Manoly. They managed to defend well for nearly half an hour against a good Villarreal, but when they received their first goal, they didn’t find any answer to it and ended up receiving four more. Sara Medina was the MVP for that match. While it’s not the result they were looking for, it was bad for them even though they are clear that they are here more to compete rather than to aim for promotion due to their numbers.

So far, Cáceres hasn’t managed to find any consistency in this group, earning only 4 points out of 12 possible and thus being tied at the lower part of the table with the second team of UD Granadilla-Tenerife. Their last match was a loss against Fundación Albacete where scored first, but a penalty and a goal in the last twenty minutes put an end to their hopes. Of note, one of their starters retired injured so could miss this coming match


The big news for this match is the top scorer, Salma, missing the rest of the season due to a torn ACL. This can make a bit different how Sara Monforte will plan the match. The usual 4-3-3 will be there, with the main question who will ocupy the spot for Salma. Villarreal is coming unbeaten in this phase, only conceding two ties, one against UD Granadilla-Tenerife B and another this last jornada against Granada, where Salma scored and got injured in the first 20 minutes


I expect them to get a 2-0 win on this one, goals by Sheila and Laura Royo. The match will be broadcasted live on Youtube, Facebook and other platforms via the official Villarreal channels