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On The Spot Report: Osasuna End Villarreal’s Run 2:1

Emery over plans for Europa League clash causes trauma as Osasuna take advantage in 2:1 defeat

Villarreal CF v C.A. Osasuna - La Liga Santander Photo by Alex Caparros/Getty Images

Sunday’s afternoon Villarreal’s match against Osasuna promised to be a uncomplicated match. In the end Osasuna took one step to safety with a 2-1 defeat of Villarreal.

17 minutes in came Villarreal’s first real chance. Moi Gomez sent a left footed shot towards goal which was saved after a beautiful flick from Alcacer.

Controversy hit the match in the 21st minute. After Moi Gomez’s shot was rebounded of the post. Jaume Costa running into the box was deemed to have brought down by a Osasuna defender. The Referee awarded a penalty denning the goal already in the net second time around . VAR for once not Villarreal’s friend overruled and awarded a free kick outside the box.

Parejo stepped up to take a freekick in the 23rd unofficial minute. The beautiful curling freekick was saved by Herrera and the ball went out for a corner

The 2nd half turned into a goal fest and not for Villarreal.

64 minutes in sub Sanchez sent in a beautiful cross which flew over the head of Parejo. Moncayola sent a beautiful half volley into the bottom right hand corner to make it 1-0.

6 minutes later after one Gerard Moreno comes of the bench to change things up. Gerard with a beautiful run sent a cross across the box. The ball would have found Alcacer at the far post if it wasn't for David Garcia putting the ball in his own net for 1 -1 .

74 minutes into the match Osasuna struck the final goal of the match. Ruben Garcia with a corner following an audacious lobbed attempt by Lucas Torro. The ball was crossed in and latched on to the head of Budimir who sent a beautiful header into the top right hand corner.

If it hadn’t been for the heroics of goal keeper Herrera in the final minute the game would have been 2-2. Outside the box Gerrard laid of Trigueros. The Villarreal legend sent a powerful curling shot into the top left corner. The king of the match pulled of a beautiful flying save to keep Villarreal out