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Alberto Moreno Returns: What Does It Mean For Villarreal’s LB Position?

Alberto Moreno is back in contention after being injured since 25th August.

Villarreal v FC Cartagena - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by David Aliaga/MB Media/Getty Images

Before the busy Europa week and Villarreal’s possible season defining weekend. Alberto Moreno has returned to the squad. Providing he stays fit it is fair to say he does offer something different to the squad. His pace is pretty impressive and he shows tenacity when tackling. Is that any more than Pervis, Pedraza or Costa?. Emery may also consider using as a left winger?.

The battle for LB or LWB started raging before the season really kicked off. It was difficult to see what the plan was. In 201920 Villarreal’s defence had a reputation for being leaky at times with players caught out of possession. Alberto was known for his injuries even before Villarreal. Estupinan was available following a great season and Watford’s relegation. Many Fans felt Pervis was brought in as a direct injury replacement following Alberto’s injury. However it may well be that Pervis was always a target for the club.

Alberto has always been an interesting playing and prospect. Last season he divided opinion as to if he was to be our best starting LB. This season the Yellows now have 4 Lbs on our books. Costa has done an admirable job at covering at RB. Pedraza although divided the fan base has proved pretty solid at LB. Estupinan has shown great promise at times and has made a difference when he has played yet is not as rated by Emery.

There is no clear answer but what is clear is that LB is the most controversial position for Villarreal and may well be for some time. Let us know in the comments what you think