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VUSA Podcast #61—Valencia, Europa League, Conference League

Valencia CF v Villarreal CF - La Liga Santander Photo by Jose Miguel Fernandez/NurPhoto via Getty Images

First, an apology. This was meant to be published before the Valencia match, but technical problems with the podcast hosting software meant it wasn’t ready in time. I thought about just cutting the first part where we talked about Valencia, but in hindsight some of it might still be relevant, so I left it. If you want to skip it, go forward to about 18 minutes in.

Other topics: Europa League, which is pretty much all we have left to play for in the season now, and (though we might not even qualify for this at the rate we’re going) we pick apart the new Conference League, which promises the chance to play against a number of teams you’ve never heard of, and woe betide you if you don’t make it until at least the semifinals given the level of competition. You do qualify for the succeeding Europa League if you win it, though!!