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Villarreal Femenino: Good start of the second phase

Plus the C team is in danger.

Villarreal CF Femenino twitter

The women’s side of Villarreal has started the second phase well with a big win against CFF Cáceres by a 0-5 and more recently, getting a goalless draw agianst UD Granadilla Tenerife B at home. Not a bad result, but getting a win would have been better to get closer and closer to the promotion.

This holidays without matches due to Easter will help them to prepare even better for their next match, against Pozoalbense who have been one of the top team at the other group. While their leading position is in no danger so far, a loss could jeopardize their aspirations, specially if Fundación Albacete managed to get a win. As a reminder, during the second phase, Villarreal will play against all the teams from the other Sur group twice, one at home and one at the road. As the groups were of different number of teams, the criteria for the standings is to use the coefficients (points per game) as the rule for ordering the teams. On other related news, Salma Paralluelo got called up to the Spanish U19 national team while Giménez got call up for Venezuela national team.

The B team is doing alright in their group, at the midtable without too much worries, with more or less the same amount of points difference with the promotion spot and the relegation spots. But the C team is doing quite badly. After gaining promotion during the offseaon due to some vacancies, they haven’t had time to adjust to the league and are now in the relegation spots after losing points against rival teams. While they still have time to recover some ground, it seems that they will be trying to avoid relegation for the remainder of the season