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Villarreal Femenino: Salma awarded a National Sport Award

Plus the Femenino closes the first phase

LVII Spanish Indoor Athletics Championship Photo by Oscar J. Barroso / Europa Press Sports via Getty Images

Salma is a beast in sports and yesterday she received an award for it, or actually two. She received a National Sport Award from 2018 for being part of the Spain under-17 women’s football team that won the under-17 Women’s World Cup and for setting the world best for under-16 in 300 meters dash and 300 meters hurdles. So for this she has won the Princesa Leonor award, which is for the best Spanish athlete under 18 years old. This is just a great news for the familia grogueta as it helps to showcase the name of the team around Spain. She also received a mention as a member of the Spain under-17 women’s team as the team got awarded the Copa Barón de Guell to the best team or national team.

On the Villarreal femenino side, the team got a hard-fought draw against Unión Tacuense, which was the only team to beat them during the league, and with the trivia that the airline lost their luggage and Villarreal lent them their second kit for the match, so at least the women’s second kit has seen a bit more of action. Unión got a lead early in the second half but only for five minutes, as Salma got the ball and dribbled past the keeper to equalize the game.

Villarreal got some more chances to put themselves on the lead but didn’t materialize any of them, so it ended 1-1. Villarreal has ended with 41 points with 13 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss. Great numbers that give them an edge for the second phase. Salma finished as the lead scorer for the first phase with 12 goals, 3 more than the joint-second of her teammate Sheila and Paulita from Albacete,

The B side got a huge win with 1-3 where their top scorer, Vera Rico, didn’t score. And good news for the C side as they will return to play after almost two months without playing and training. They will start this coming March 14 and will be aiming to avoid relegation.