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Villarreal at Dynamo Kyiv: Europa League Gamethread

Unai Emery’s men face a crucial road test.

Yuri Dmitrulin (R) of FC Dynamo Kiev fig Photo credit should read SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP via Getty Images

Cards on the table, I’ll probably miss the match today. My day to day life here in the real world has taken a turn for the super exciting and really, really, really busy so I’ve barely thought about football this week. With that in mind, I want to wish the club a happy 98th birthday, since we missed that yesterday. Looking forward to the Centanario in 2023.

I don’t expect tonight to be easy, but it’s a match we are more than talented enough to win, and that’s what I expect. The biggest thing, of course, thanks to the away goals rule, will be putting the ball in the net. I’ll be annoyed at a 2-2 draw, for instance, but it would not be a bad result towards us trying to progress.

I’ll need y’all to put the lineups in the comments, if you don’t mind, and your comments will keep me up to speed as I’ll be tracking the match on my phone. Unfortunately, my television is being dominated by small children right now, and so I won’t be able to tune in.

The good news is that we are about as healthy as we’ve been in all of 2021. Hopefully, that translates into the team communicating Emery’s ideas on the pitch successfully. As we saw back in his Sevilla and even his Arsenal days, the league form of an Emery team usually has very little to do with their ability to progress in Europe, and for Villarreal’s sake we will all hope that is the case here as well.