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Villarreal B: In Miguel We Trust - Jan/Feb 2021

Three games left and two points behind...

Happy 2021, though the start of the journey for Vil B was not sweet at all. Two wins, three draws and two losses. The unpleasing result was not the only thing bothering all.


Due to the injury of Dela, Vadik was appointed as the starting CB accompomying Copete/Ros in all four games in January. But with the return of Dela in February, Vadik returned to the bench.

Injury hit the side back as well. The club has recalled two youngsters loaned to Segunda earlier as a result of massive injuries in the first team. But later, both found themselves in Vil B as the key player due to different reasons. For Andrei, after 6-months spell in Eredivisie or 722 minutes on the pitch, the Romanian knew the serious injury of Maxi Villa just a few days after the announcement of his return. Now MA has only Lanchi and Andrei as the right back, while Unai has only Pena and Foyth. The difference is that Unai can expect Mario’s return in a short time, but MA has no choice. So does Andrei. The only thing the Romanian can do is to wait for the decision and step on the field, either for Unai or MA.


Another returned loanee is Lozano, who had little appearance in Cartagena. But his return immediately influenced the game of MA, because his ability and experience in the middlefield are what MA needed badly. Lozano started six out of seven games in January and Feburary (absent from the sixth game for Unai) accomanying Carlo/Narro in the midfield, and scored three goals which resulted 7 points. He can press upfront, receive balls from centerbacks then move forward, and shoot from the front of the box. His experience and mindset of the whole game outperformed most players in the field.


Besides Andrei and Lozano, there are some other squad changes in Vil B.

Soni is out, after half-year unsuccessful trial. (He had two goals in the first three games for Celta B...)

Jack Harper has come, which is actually to my surprise. Not only because he’s quite an asset to Getafe, but also he seems weighing appearance over quality of competition. The Scotish son, born in Malaga, was definitely a marvelous player, especially when he was with Juv A of Real Madrid (14/15), At. Malagueno (17/18) and Malaga (18/19). With some rise and falls, now the 24 years old decides to end his unsuccessful spell at Cartagena (where Ruben Castro reigns) and move to Villarreal B. It reminds me of Marc Gual who joined Castilla and returned to Segunda last year. Hope Jack can find the best of him back by competing against Millan. Plus, he can also play in the right flank, which both first and second team is finding a solution for rotation.

Final note

After a frozing winter, the team finds itself at the fourth place in Grupo 3B now, with two points after Hercules. With three games left, including two decisive games against Hercules and Ibiza, Villarreal B will conclude the group stage of this season. Shorter than ever, this season leaves few time for MA to adjust the team. But no matter if the team can catch the tail of promotion, we can still expect a more mature and experienced team next season.

Endavant y Animo Maxi!



J9 - Ibiza 2-0 Vil B

J10 - Vil B 2-0 Pena Deportiva

J11 - At. Levante 0-0 Vil B

J12 - Vil B 0- 1 La Nucia

J13 - Alcoyano 0-2 Vil B

J14 - Vil B 0-0 Atzeneta

J15 - Mestalla 1-1 Vil B

Top Players

Goal - 4: Millan; 3: Lozano; 2: Esmo (2p); 1: Collado, Aguero, Ahn, Arana, Carlo

Assist - 1: Hassan, Narro, Edu, Esmo, Maxi, Ahn