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Villarreal Femenino: Derby win

Great win by 0-3 this Saturday, this week they will play two more matches

Villarreal CF Femenino twitter

Last Saturday was the women derby between Joventut Almassora and Villarreal. Played in Joventut’s field, Boqueras, wasn’t broadcasted with only a highlight reel available thanks to a person from Fundació Albinegra. So with that in mind, the info on the match is scarce. Les Groguetes won 0-3 in a match were Salma was not on the list with goals from Sara Martínez, Cristina Díaz and Laura Royo. Why Salma was not on the list? She had a competition with her athletics club Playas de Castellón in Barcelona. They won the Spanish Championship for women’s clubs indoor

The formation was the usual for Villarreal, with what I imagine would be a 4-3-3 with Rubi Soto playing as a right winger. The other possibility is a 4-4-2 in diamond with Sheila dropping a bit more into midfield, which is a move tends to happen during the matches

The main discrepancy here comes from the tactical display of Sara Monforte’s team. She started running a 4-3-3 with Villarreal when she arrived to the team. But as time went, she decided to change a bit the 4-3-3. In the original display, the left and right wings were open thus having attacking width. She wasn’t very much convinced as it was a bit more difficult to have a playstyle more associative and the pressing after loss was not as successful as she wanted.

With that in mind, she decided to have the wingers playing more narrow in her 4-3-3. The associative play improved, while also giving the lateral channel for the fullbacks to run it. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for Albeta and Olivia to make a run forward, more so in Olivia who has a lot of experience at top level. Having the attacking three more narrow also allows to have the rival defensive back watched allowing to runs from your second line. This display also allows to a pressing after the loss.

Narrowing the wingers also has allowed to the forward to drop back to help build the play, which is another part creating the discrepancy. Having that flexibility from the 4-3-3 to the 4-4-2 in diamond can allow to in the same match have a pressing with two strikers or with the three. Last match against Alhama is a good example of it.

The flexibility is also allowed thanks to having good players being able to play different positions on the field. You have Giménez who can go as a DM and as a CB. Salma can play the three positions at the front of the 4-3-3 with the same can be said of Sara Martínez, Laura Royo or Sheila. Sheila also adds the AM to her possibilities. In defense, you have Miguélez and Olivia being able to also play in the position of the other, Olivia playing as CB as well as RB while Miguélez can be a RB on top of CB.

All in all, a lot of possibilities which is great. This week will be interesting to see what they have in tow as Wednesday they have the postponed match against Aldaia and for the weekend, Fundación Albacete will visit Miralcamp.