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Villarreal Women stop their losing streak

Big win for the upcoming derbi against Valencia

Rayo Vallecano V Villarreal - Primera Division Femenina Photo By Oscar J. Barroso/Europa Press via Getty Images

After a long losing streak of 10 matches, Villarreal Women have finally won another match in Primera. And against what rival, a big team as Levante in what can be called an Autonomic Derbi. Levante arrived to the match with only 3 losses and a clear favorite to take the win, but Belén had another finish in mind.

The first 45 minutes had some chances for both teams. Villarreal knew they needed a win, and showcased it, putting pressure on Levante. Nevertheless, both teams walked towards the locker room without managing to open the scoreboard.

Don’t know what Monforte said during the halftime, but Villarreal needed only a minute to score the first goal of the day. A counter-attack that was started by Sheila Guijarro ended with Belén scoring the 0-1 putting Villarreal ahead. This goal proved effective as Villarreal saw the win as a real possibility and started working more and more, not only to keep the clean sheet, but also to get another one in. Meanwhile, Levante was having their fair share of chances that didn’t manage to turn into the equalizer. With 15 minutes left to the finish, Belén found another time the net, and gaining a bigger advantage for the ‘groguetes’. Levante managed to close the gap with a goal, but was in injury time, leading to the definitive 1-2.

With this win, Villarreal has not only stopped the losing streak, they have won a vital 3 points against one of the classic teams in women’s football. This is also a good motivation for a huge derbi against Valencia this coming Saturday, where both will be battling, one to get closer to the safe zone, the other to get more distance with the relegation zone.