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Villarreal draw Juventus in the UEFA Champions League

Multiple draws marks Villarreal’s advancement in Europe in a whole new way.

UEFA Champions League 2021/22 Group Stage Draw Photo by Burak Kara - UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images

Welp, we are one of the very few sites who didn’t throw up an article after the first UCL draw attempt, today, and frankly that’s because I was sleeping. We drew Manchester City which was abysmal luck, but mishandling of the Manchester United entry into the draw resulted in Atletico, who drew Bayern, to complain and they through out the entire thing. Seeing as Pep Guardiola has five wins and three draws against Villarreal lifetime, and Unai Emery is winless against him in 12 attempts. They might be the very last team I wanted to draw, perhaps only Bayern being an exception.

So, back to the drawing board. Bayern and Manchester City immediately got pawned off on other unfortunates, and Atleti for all their trouble got handed Cristiano Ronaldo for what feels like the 19th time in this competition. It then came Villarreal’s turn of chance and we found ourselves drawn against Juventus.

Of all the years in the last dozen or so, this is the very best one to draw Juve. They are currently sixth in Serie A, behind Atalanta who we just beat, and are far less dangerous in attack than the Bergamo side. Allegri has been to the final of this competition twice with Juve, but both of those sides were far more talented and well constructed than what he currently has at his disposal.

If Villarreal puts in a good run of form over the next couple of months, we could actually be favored in this matchup by the time it arrives. This is not the best draw we could have had but we will only have ourselves to blame if we do not advance to the last 8.