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Villarreal Women look to recover after a tough month

Sara Monforte’s side are currently struggling in the relegation zone

Last month for Villarreal was not a good one. After the last two losses, they are now at the bottom of the table. While they are tied at points with Valencia and Rayo and one below Sporting Huelva, their numbers are not great. 2 goals scored and 19 conceded, which puts them tied as the least scoring team and tying at the second place for teams with more goals conceded.

The match against Athletic had two different moments. Villarreal was playing well until the first goal arrived in the first 10 minutes. From there, Villarreal lost the control of the match, attacking inefflectively and letting Athletic get more chances, even if they were not clear. That got to the point where Athletic in a good play, managed to score the second goal. Thus, Villarreal approached halftime with a 2 goals deficit. As soon as the second half started, Sara Medina scored a free kick, and thus becoming the second Villarreal player to scored at the top flight, which allowed Villarreal to catch some fresh air. From that goal until the end, Villarreal looked for the tying goal without luck. In the end, a 2-1 loss which seems like undeserved, but that’s football for you.

Against Atlético de Madrid, the start was similar to the other games, getting some chances to score but ending receiving a goal in the first 15 minutes. A bit later from the half hour mark, you got another goal and to top it off, Lara Mata got send off with a double yellow when stopping a counterattack. Villarreal with 10 players was lost on the game, and received the final third goal during the second half.

With this two games, and La Real game earlier during the month, Villarreal has received a goal in the first 15 minutes of the match. That’s a worrying stat to look at, for a team that from a good start, has not seen a point since September 12th. Against Madrid CFF, they managed to hold the 0-0 for a half hour. Unluckily, in the 34th minute, Madrid managed to score a goal. That was a pity, as Villarreal was dominating the match so far, albeit without troubling the goal. The second half saw both teams trying to achieve their objective. Madrid got the upper hand with 15 minutes to go with their second goal, and near the end, got another one for the definitive 0-3. This loss confirmed Villarreal at the bottom of the table.

The road ahead is a mix of everything. Next match is against UD Granadilla Tenerife in the post-poned match from jornada 6 next Wednesday, and a match where they will have to get points to shake off this bad streak, and play against a dangerous Sevilla during the weekend. They will close the month with their visit to Rayo, a must win if you ask me.

On the bright side, Salma is getting closer and closer to returning to the game. I think she will surely help the team to start getting the results badly needed.