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Villarreal at Victoria CF: Preview and Gamethread

Unai Emery and company kick off their Copa Del Rey campaign.

Athletic Club v Villarreal CF - La Liga Santander Photo by Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images

Gonna be honest folks, this will be a lousy preview. Victoria CF, from what I can find, doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page, and according to the club website we are playing this match in the Riazor, which doesn’t feel right but such is football, I guess. They are facing us after being Club Deportivo Hernani in the preliminary round, 1-0.

Our Opponents

Victoria CF was founded in 1943. On their club website, they are very proud of having produced Amancio Amaro, Jaime Blanco, Moncho Parada, and Pepino Sanchez. I’m sure Raul or one of you other folks much better versed in Spanish football history than I knows who all these people are, but the only one I’ve heard of is Amaro.

Everything about this club here reads local and provincial. With all due respect to them and their history, this should be someone that we can play the kids against and absolutely bulldoze to the tune of 4 or 5 goals. I’m sure Unai will play from the back, have like 76% possession, and feel quite good about all this ideas and theories.


This club really needs a palate cleanser of a match, and this is a good opportunity to have one. If we struggle or heaven forbid it goes to extra time or something, who knows what may happen to the festering discontent in this fanbase. In my estimation, as the malaise grows we keep looking for more and more scapegoats to our problems, when I think it ultimately boils down to the fact that Unai Emery hasn’t done well enough to adjust to problems on and off the pitch so far this season. I expect to see a lot of teenagers in the lineup, tomorrow, and as long as the match goes to plan that respite from our favorite scapegoats should do us all some good.


4-1 Villarreal wins.