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Unai Emery rejects relegation threatened Newcastle United and their Saudi Sportwashing project

Unai Emery remains the manager of Villarreal.

Chelsea FC v Villarreal CF UEFA Super Cup 2021 Photo by Jose Breton/Pics Action/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Turns out Champions League football at a trophy winning side is better than oil money battling relegation, as Unai Emery declares his loyalty to our club the day after earning a crucial victory in the Champions League. The pompous, presumptuous English press had him ready to manage Newcastle at the weekend, but the Basque coach insists that things have always been transparent between he and the Roig family.

In this move, Unai Emery once again provides a win for football as it should be, choosing to remain with a project and club that has allowed him to restore his wrongly soiled reputation as a tactician over the gluttonous richest of a state government seeking to clean up its image through football.

Things have been rough in La Liga this season, and those problems are not magically fixed with this announcement, but I am hoping this galvanizes the side to, in spirited fashion, put away Getafe on the weekend, and turn our season around.

It may be sentimental of me, but Unai forcibly declaring his desire to stay with our club in the face of Saudi money has put me firmly behind him. I am willing to ride out this storm with him, and banish any thoughts of needing to move on from the coach that brought us our first silverware in history.

This summer, it was Pau Torres rejecting Tottenham, today, it is Unai Emery rejecting Newcastle. Combined with our defeats of Arsenal and Manchester United on the way to the Europa League title last season, and Villarreal stands as a beacon of hope for those thinking that Premier League money will simply overrun the rest of the football world. I am fully here for that. I’m proud of our manager just as I’ve been proud of our club over and over again. Let’s turn this season around. Endavant!