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Takefusa Kubo to leave Villarreal for Getafe

The Real Madrid owned attacker is on his way out.

C.A. Osasuna v Villarreal CF - La Liga Santander Photo by Alex Caparros/Getty Images

Take Kubo simply hasn’t been good enough this year. The 19 year old attacker is not good enough at what he does to justify the way he roams all over the pitch without discipline, he isn’t consistent enough to justify minutes over more disciplined players, and frankly his loan has reached a point where all parties involved would prefer he move on.

Getafe is the interested party, and as hard as Kubo has been willing to work pressing I think that might be a good fit for him, if he can show better positional discipline. Salary considerations seem to be holding the deal up, but overall I think everyone will get what they want from this: Villarreal get a free non-EU slot, Real Madrid send their man to a less talented side where he can play more, and Getafe get an attacking boost after only scoring 12 goals in 15 league matches. Frankly, that sort of mid table side is where Kubo belongs.

I think Kubo has been made a better player after his time with Unai Emery, and I hope he continues to develop. In the meantime, this raises an interesting question for Villarreal’s transfer window. Conceivably, we could fill that non-EU slot with Santi Caseres, whose loan to Mexico has ended. However, we have signed Etienne Capoue who plays that same holding midfield position, so unless Caseres is being brought in to be an option at CB I’m not really sure what that accomplishes. I really don’t see the club spending more money, but we will have to wait and see.