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Villarreal B: In Miguel We Trust - Dec 2020

Keep unbeaten and move on to the new year...

After winning the last match of 2020, Villarreal B climbed to the third place in Grupo 3B of Segunda B, with one point lead in the play-off zone. Gradually, MA has found his ideal XI for his 4-3-3 formation, but there are still some flaws in this team..


Copete-Dela-Villa have become the absolute starters in the back. Esmo and Edu shared the time in the leftback, while Esmo contributed more in attacking with two goals and one assist. After eight games, MA’s team conceded 5 goals in 5 games and achieved clean sheets for 3 games (2 in December). Though the number of goals conceded is more than Hercules and Ibiza who leads the group, the situation is under control for now. One method to achieve this was to introduce Ros as the defensive midfield.

Ros came from Celta B this summer as an enforcement to the center back but found himself behind Copete and Dela. Apparently MA didn’t want him to waste his strength and experience on the bench. So Ros was appointed to a new position - CDM. In MA’s tactic board, CDM is crucial both in defense and transition. Beitia in lack of experience took this role at first but didn’t fulfill MA’s expectation in both ends. Though Ros is not an natural midfielder in terms of pass and view, his defense skills and awareness is quite reliable in front of both centerbacks. By pushing him up to the midfield, the team can recover possession quickly, which has been evidenced in the game against Orihuela. Also his presence can free Copete or Dela if they are on the ball for build-up plays.

Villarreal is always looking for another Rodri. Tall, skilled, and decisive. Iborra fits the role in first team. Ros now in the subsidiary...


Narro is an interesting player, because he sometime reminds me of Guti. They wear the same number, have the same blond hair, and always dribble with an eye for a through ball. They are both slim in shape but competitive in mind. Of course, that’s only my impression. The left-handed covers a lot of spaces, from left midfield to the left flank, center midfield to the attacking third. His running caused the red card for Orihuela in the second half. His freedom in space might come from MA’s direction, which made him very eye-catching on the pitch, especially in comparison with his midfield partner Carlo, who have just completed his debut for Villarreal in Copa del Rey. They two play different styles in different roles in front of Ros, which for now is MA’s solution for the center triangle in 4-3-3.

In the front, Hassan started for the second time for Vil B. He felt quite confident with his left foot in the game against Orihuela, and changed side sometime to look for space for attacking. Ahn and Aguero still couldn’t connect with Millan, who sometimes found even easier to have Narro and Carlo in a combination play.

Then, Millan turned into Soldado. He run into the final third to break the defense line, pulled back or drove to the flank to do combinations, and chased back to help recovering possession. Two headers from both sides killed the game and awarded him for his effort. Three days later, he substituted for Raba in Copa del Rey and scored his first goal for Villareal. What a week for the BEAR!

Final note

Three wins, four draws and one loss. Villarreal B kept unbeaten after the very first game of this season, and managed to figure out a plan for the team. 13-points is a result that only two subsidiaries in Spain can outplay (Valladolid Promesas and Alavés B). After winter break, MA’s team will have four games in January, including an away game with Ibiza, not only the real time leader of this group, but also a place for fun. Endavant!



J7 - Hercules 0-0 Vil B

J8 - Vil B 2-0 Orihuela

Top Player

Goal - 4: Millan; 2: Esmo (2p); 1: Collado; Aguero; Ahn

Assist - 1: Hassan, Narro, Edu, Esmo, Villa