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Unai Emery finishes ahead of Zidane, Ancelotti in Coach of the Decade Rankings

The Villarreal manager is recognized for his accomplishments over the last ten years.

Villarreal CF v Levante UD - La Liga Santander Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images

The International Federation of Football History and Statistics (say that five times fast) has devised a formula to rate all managers in world football over the last decade. Our own Unai Emery finished in sixth place ahead of the likes of Zinedine Zidane (who obviously did not coach the entire decade), Carlo Ancelotti, Mariccio Pochettino, and Antonio Conte to note a few notable names. The rankings work on a rather simple points system:

The IFFHS has devised an equitable method for determining THE WORLD’S BEST CLUB COACH OF THE DECADE 2011-2020. It was taken in consideration the TOP 20 of each yearly ranking of each category concerned and allocated points to each place. So the first placed received 20 points, the second placed 19 points, the third placed 18 points …. And 1 point for the twentieth place. If the annual ranking comprised fewer than 20, no point will be awarded for the unoccupied places. Adding the points from the individual years provides a World Ranking for the Period 2011 – 2020.

Atleti’s Diego Simeone one the title of coach of the decade, likely aided in large part by his ability to stay at a single club and build. The Top Ten were as follows:

Diego Simeone

Josep Guardiola

Jürgen Klopp

Jose Mourinho

Maximiliano Allegri

Unaï Emery

Zinedine Zidane

Carlo Ancelotti

Mauriccio Pochettino

Marcelo Gallardo

Does this ranking matter a great deal? Of course not. What’s more, Emery is specifically being recognized for things other than what he has or will accomplish at Villarreal, but I’m happy for him nonetheless. After the criticism he took at PSG and Arsenal, and now seeing the success he is working here at Villarreal, I believe he deserves some recognition as being one of the best coaches on the planet.