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Real Madrid poaches Villarreal cantera star

Real Madrid signs Adam Arvelo from Villarreal academy.

Football can be really frustrating. Spanish U-15 international Adam Arvelo has moved from Villarreal to Real Madrid. The left winger has been with Villarreal’s academy for three years and was currently entering his last year with our cadete side. He began his career with Tenerife before coming to us, and has a contract with Nike even as a 15 year old.

Real Madrid was not the only major side after the young player, so our losing him was probably inevitable. That said, it is unbelievably frustrating to watch clubs swoop in and scoop up our young players. This is the second time this calendar year Madrid has done this to us. In January, it was Ivan Morante, who then went on to win the UEFA Youth League with their U19s.

At the end of the day, fair is fair. Villarreal soaks up the best players of clubs smaller than them, just as larger clubs do it to us. This is football, and I generally support young players having freedom of movement. However, when producing young prospects is such an important thing to the finances and on field product of a club our size, it’s really annoying when our young players get sniped either for free or for nominal fees.

There are UEFA rules that ensure we get a percentage if these guys go on and become stars. But doggone it, it’s exhausting to wait around and see what young star gets taken away next.

At any rate, I genuinely hope for the best for Arvelo. I don’t begrudge a 15 year old who has the chance to pull on the shirt of Real Madrid. I just hoped he doesn’t get buried in mountain of young talent they have over there. A lot of careers get sidetracked because they go to giant clubs where they never get the proper chance.