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2020-2021 Prediction Contest

By popular demand!!

With you in spirit.  And one of the blog managers is there, period.  ENDAVANT VILLARREAL!!!
Time for our annual contest!!!
Juan Anton de Salas

Okay, here we go. Given that it’s already Friday I think as long as you have your entries in before our first match, we’ll be okay with that. We can probably sort some kind of prizes for the winners but Zach and I will have to coordinate that.

Our traditional openers:

(1) Where will Villarreal finish in the league?

(2) How many points?

(3) How far will we get in Europe?

(4) How far will we get in the Copa del Rey?

(5) What teams will be relegated from La Liga?

(6) Who will win La Liga?

(7) Who will finish in the top four?

(8) And who will finish in places five through seven?

Now let’s branch out a bit:

(9) We have four Comunitat Valenciana teams in la Liga this year. Which one will finish highest in the league?

(10) How many points will Villarreal take from their two matches against Valencia?

(11) Allen opens a bottle of cava when we defeat Real Madrid, Atleti, or Barcelona. How many bottles does he get to open this season?

Villarreal individual questions:

(12) Who will lead us in goals, and with how many? (League only)

(13) Who will lead us in yellow cards? (a red card= two yellows for purposes of this)

(14) Who will lead us in minutes played? (league only, do not include goalkeepers)

(15) How many penalties will Sergio Asenjo save this season?

(16) To the nearest 100 minutes, how many minutes will Kubo play in the league for us?

(17) To the nearest 100 minutes, how many minutes will Dani Parejo play for us in the league?

(18) Who will play more minutes in the league for us—Moi Gomez, Francis Coquelin, or Vicente Iborra?

(19) We are been linked this summer with Callejón, Zambo, De Sciglio, Foyth, Fofana, and (EPM today) Estupiñan. How many of those players will actually wear a Villarreal jersey this season?

(20) Our current list of 24 first team squad numbers was released today, and it’s here.

(a) How many of that current list will go out on loan this season?

(b) How many of that current list will NOT be property of Villarreal after the January transfer window closes?

A few last ones:

(21) Who will be the first coach in La Liga to leave his post this season? (Fired or resigned, doesn’t matter)

(22) Which teams will be promoted back to La Liga?

(23) Of Villarreal B, Villarreal C, and Villarreal Feminino A, how many will make their promotion playoffs?

(24) And will any of them get promoted?

(25) Finally, when will last season’s Copa del Rey Final be played? (month is fine; remember the teams involved want to play it when fans can attend).

Bona sort !