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Breaking down the financial structure of Kubo’s loan from Real Madrid to Villarreal

Certain conditions could double the loan fee that Villarreal owes Real Madrid for Kubo.

Villarreal Unveils New Signing Takefusa Kubo Photo by Pablo Morano/MB Media/Getty Images

According to AS, the base loan fee for Kubo is 2.5m euros. That fee could double depending on what Kubo does and how the season goes for Villarreal. This of course goes along with paying the 2m euro salary of the player.

According to the report, Bayern Munich was willing to loan the player in for a higher fee than what Villarreal ended up paying, which is something I have a hard time believing, honestly. I’m not entirely sure Kubo will be a full time starter here (as long as Samu Chukwueze is still here) and if he will have to compete for his job here I really don’t see how he was supposed to be worth an 8m loan fee from Bayern Munich.

The add ons that could raise the loan fee to 5m apparently involve a combination of how many minutes Kubo plays and how far Villarreal make it in our cup competitions this year. They should be fairly easy for him to hit.

From a marketing perspective, Kubo’s arrival has already had a significant impact on Villarreal. On all social media platforms, the club gained 30,000 followers in about 48 hours after his signing was announced. Whether he can have the same sort of impact on the pitch remains to be seen.

I’m still not overly enthusiastic about this loan. Maybe Kubo really takes a step forward as a player and absolutely drives our offense this year, but I think mostly what we are going to have is a little more depth in some wide areas and a temporary boost to our profile in the Far East. Considering our need at CB, I’m not entirely sure it’s worth it, though I’d be happy to be proven wrong.