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VUSA Podcast #44: The Submarine Makes A Splash

Allen, Sid and Zach delve into our new signings and what is going on in our front office these days

Villarreal Unveils New Signing Takefusa Kubo Photo by Pablo Morano/MB Media/Getty Images

Even in shortened transfer windows and off-seasons, there are certain patterns.

The early transfer rumors—even a few that “are all done except for a few details!!” that fade away.

The potential signings that never happen because of changed circumstances.

And then, there are the rumors that bubble below the surface before suddenly erupting into reality. Takefusa Kubo on loan from Madrid. Dani Parejo and Francis Coquelin from Valencia. And there are still more rumors out there.

Allen and guests Zach and Sid are here to make sense of it all. Not just the players and where they fit, but also whether these signings indicate a change of philosophy in the Villarreal front office.