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Iborra suspension looming at crucial point in the season for Villarreal

A dustup in the tunnel after the Getafe match is proving costly.

Getafe CF v Villarreal CF - La Liga Photo by Alejandro Rios/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

Villarreal walked away from this last match with three important points and a red card to Iborra and the fifth yellow for Gerard Moreno, so two more to add to the list of non-available for next match against Real Sociedad, with Bacca being out for the remainder and Alcácer still unclear how long he will be out. The main questions can be:

  1. how the tangana started and what happened?
  2. how many matches will Iborra be suspended?
  3. Will happen, if anything, to Barbosa and Zambo Anguissa?

Tanganas are chaotic and difficult to explain what was the spark that started the fire. Getafe felt the ref was giving the penalty kicks too easily, and the bench area was already hot on that topic. After the end of the match, appears as Nyom and Barbosa argued, with Nyom pushing him (from what the ref reports) and the images show Nyom and Zambo struggle with Djené trying to separate them. Near the tunnel, Iborra tries to return to the field with Damián Suárez trying to impede it, and Iborra pushing his hand, which hits the policeman who was trying to separate them. Inside the tunnel there were apparently more fights as the ref reports for the send off of Damián Suárez and Etxeita

Here is a translation of the referee's report on Iborra: “once the match have been finished, when he was walking towards the locker room, he turns towards the field confronting a Getafe player and pushes him, having to be restrained by members of his team”. Seeing his report, he would be facing easily up to two to three matches of suspension if we apply the article 123 of the disciplinary code of the RFEF.

All will depend on what the committee decides about the incident. While I haven’t been able to contact any ref to ask about it, the article closer to what the ref reports is the 123.2, as I don’t think the report implies assault which would mean article 98 that puts the suspension in four to twelve matches.

The cases of Zambo and Barbosa are different. Both have not been reported by the ref, so in this case, would mean the committee should check the video and use it to support their suspension. Zambo is only struggling with Nyom, and nothing more happens, so shouldn’t be anything to look at. The case of Barbosa can be a bit different in the sense that the ref says about the red card to Nyom that the action happened with a Villarreal player who was not on the list to play, which, seeing the images, points directly to Barbosa. While Barbosa is not named in the ref report by name, considering that the ref is aware of that because of the assistant referee, if the committee deemed he was making an act of provocation, that would mean one to three matches. But for that to happen, the committee has to decide to enter ex officio