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Villarreal at Getafe: La Liga Gamethread

Crucial matchup in the chase for the Europa League.

Villarreal CF v FC Barcelona - La Liga Photo by Jose Miguel Fernandez/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Matchday. How will respond to our first major ding since the restart? Will we stick with the 442? ARE WE GOING TO MAKE EUROPE? We’ll see.

We’re banged up at striker, we’ve got no depth at all at CB, our roster is old and has played a lot of matches in the last few weeks, everything now is about resilience, desire, and finding ways to win whether they are ugly or not. When the restart first began I was concerned about performances. It wasn’t just whether we won, did we play well? All that is out the window right now. It’s 5th vs 6th as we jockey for position to play in the Europa League next campaign and if it’s the ugliest 1-0 match in football history and we win, fine, we’ll take the three points.


I’m very curious to see how a right flank of Chukwueze and Pena works. My theory is that having Ruben to support Samu in attack will actually have a positive net defensive impact because Getafe won’t be able to commit men forward on that side. I’m also curious to see what formation this ends up being but I suspect it’s a 433 unless Chukwueze or Ontiveros are playing as part of a strike pairing (I very much doubt it).

I kinda figured Calleja wouldn’t trust Fer, which is annoying but not surprising. You never agree with absolutely everything a manager does, and Calleja has been getting results since the restart with improved tactics, so he has a little bit of benefit of the doubt, for now.