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Manchester United reportedly join the race for Pau Torres

The rumors about the young Villarreal star moving just won’t stop.

Villarreal CF v Valencia CF - La Liga Photo by Jose Breton/Pics Action/NurPhoto via Getty Images

First it was Barcelona, as if they had enough money to handle Pau Torres’ release clause, now it’s Manchester United. Metro quoted The Times on the piece but the origin of the rumor seems to come from COPE. At this point, we aren’t sure exactly how legitimate this rumor is but this is officially silly season, and when you have a very talented young player rumors are always flying.

As supporters of Villarreal, we don’t want to lose Pau Torres to anyone. As a fan of Pau Torres, if he does leave I don’t want him going to United. We’ve seen this script before where the Red Devils come in for one of our CBs, as Eric Bailly made the move in July of 2016. Since that time we have seen United buy over top of him multiple times, and what was once a promising career has stagnated.

Since Alex Ferguson left the club, Manchester United have burned through managers quickly and have fallen from their past glory. The wages there are still good, they found some way to scrap back into Champions League play for next season, but with that club it feels like the other shoe is always about to drop. Being the fresh new signing today gives you no guarantees, in six months they could sign your replacement.

Also on the roster for United in the CB role are Harry Maguire, the most expensive defender ever, Victor Lindelof, a 35m euro signing who is still just 26, Bailly, and longstanding club servant Phil Jones signed for nearly 20m in 2011. They have poured an exorbitant amount of money into this position, and still don’t have what they want. I don’t trust them to handle Pau’s career with the care it deserves.

This rumor is probably going to come to nothing, but of all the ‘super-clubs’ in the world, I’m very worried that the two most connected to Pau are Barca and Man U, as they are probably the worst run institutions in that category.