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VUSA Podcast #38: Allen and Robin are happy Villarreal fans!

How could we not be, after our last two results?

Villarreal CF v Valencia CF - La Liga Photo by Eric Alonso/Getty Images

It’s been quite a week. First Villarreal dismantles Valencia in a match featuring one of the best goals you’ll ever see, then we travel to Betis and win again, with Gil Manzano the referee who sends an opposition player off—not to mention Gerard scoring a penalty.

In the first part we look at what is working now that wasn’t before; in the second part of the podcast, we speculate about things we currently know nothing about: will Santi stay, or go, or retire (he says he has decided something, but won’t announce it until the season ends), will Bruno—whose contract is up at the end of this season—be offered a new one, and what about Zambo Anguissa? Do we sign him permanently, or try to negotiate a lower price in the post-COVID market, or....what? Enjoy, and Endavant Villarreal!!