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VUSA Podcast #42: Unai Emery is on board

Allen and Sidarth are joined by Cristian Sirera to discuss the day’s happenings and what our team will look like.

Villarreal CF Presented To Unai Emery Photo by Jose Miguel Fernandez/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Villarreal introduced Unai Emery, and Villarreal USA is introducing Cristian Sirera to you in this podcast. Cristian is a Vila-real native who came to the US to play college soccer in Oklahoma, and headed for the big city of Chicago afterward, where he now resides.

Sidarth joins us part way through and we have a fun three-way discussion about Unai Emery and the style of play he’ll be looking for, what this means in terms of our roster (who might we like to sign, who is likely), what is the likely fate of our returning loanees, who might be sold, etc etc etc.

With the transfer window opening August 4, it won’t be long before you see how many of our predictions come to pass! Enjoy.