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Unai Emery presented as Villarreal Manager

A new era has begun for Villarreal as former Arsenal, PSG, and Sevilla manager takes over.


Today, our beloved club formally introduced our new manager, Unai Emery. The Europa League titan praised the stability of our club and spoke of how he dreamed of winning titles during his time at the Ceramica. Here’s what he had to say:

Coming to Villarreal is something that is fulfilling. It is an admirable and stable project and for me it is a challenge to continue giving prestige to this club. I hope I can help and enjoy on the way. I have achieved accomplishments, and I want to continue, but the most important thing is to enjoy the journey. I feel like a part of this club, I have always felt well treated, and I am looking forward to meeting this challenge.

Sr. Roig hinted in the press conference what many of us have already suspected, which is that he sees this hire as a move towards Villarreal taking its next step in its evolution as a club to finally win titles:

Unai is a young and veteran coach at the same time and comes to join the Villarreal project. We have already accumulated 20 years in La Liga and we have achieved many things, but we are increasingly demanding. Our first objective is to be in First Division and, from there, there is no ceiling, it is hard and constant work. We are very excited and hope for next year.

Emery seemed to understand these expectations very clearly. While his focus is on the process season to season, he end goal or, as he puts it ‘the dream’ is to win silverware. This level of ambition is extremely exciting for the fanbase:

I don’t think about the end, but I do dream. Dreams are free and I dream of a title with Villarreal. The beautiful thing is the journey, the fact of being able to enjoy it. The process is beautiful, the process makes people feel proud to be able to live it. I feel identified with the philosophy of the club, of the culture of effort, it is something that attracts me, I feel in a place where work is rewarded.

One question when any new manager arrives is how much will he expect the club to change and how much will he change to match his new surroundings. Emery seems to want continuity in the club’s ethos going forward which, given how great this club has always been at focusing on people, is very encouraging:

I am talking about continuity because a great job has been done. Players leave and others will arrive. The first thing is to adapt to the club and we’ll see. There will be a high level of continuity, as they are players who have already demonstrated their level. From there four or five signings that can arrive. The departure of Bruno and Cazorla is what we must solve. But Villarreal has been successfully solving those things for a long time and I join. We have a good group and we must work to improve.

Welcome to the club boss, we hope your stay here is long and successful. Endavant!