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Bruno Soriano and Santi Cazorla the first ‘Legends’ to be recognized in new Ceramica area

We expect others from the past will join them soon.


According to press release from the club, today marks the grand opening of a new dedicated ‘legends’ space at the Estadio de la Cerámica. Bruno Soriano and Santi Cazorla will be the first players recognized, though Santi won’t be able to attend the opening ceremony.

President Fernando Roig and Vila-real mayor José Benloch will both be in attendance. Unfortunately, this is something the fans will have to wait and see.

The big question that comes out of all of this, however, is who will join Bruno and Santi in the hall? Surely names like Riquelme and Diego Forlan will be there, and Sergio Asenjo when he hangs up his boots. Giuseppe Rossi will in all likelihood find his way there, but these are all obvious selections. Things get difficult when you step into that next tier of longstanding club servants.

For instance, does Mario Gaspar find a place when his career is done? If Manu Trigueros stays with the club another five years and has fifteen total at the club, do you include him? The notion of what makes a player a ‘legend’ a club is in part what highs they reach while there (surely Gerard Moreno just booked his place with the club’s first Zarra trophy) but also what bond they had with the club itself and its supporters.

It is as yet unclear whether managers will be added to this exhibit. Will Manuel Pellegrini arrive as a visiting manager to see his name enshrined at the Cerámica?

What players or managers should be included as LEGENDS of Villarreal? Let us know in the comments below.